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There are unlimited shelves on e-commerce, however only the first few results are viewed, clicked and converted to purchase. To be ‘eye-level’ on the digital shelf is vital, but is it possible to monitor it with purely manual processes?

  • Real Time Share of Search Report

DataDot dynamically measures the share of search for your brand, keyword by keyword, e-tailer by e-tailer

  • Search History

DataDot’s history feature gathers data from the moment we start tracking your product and helps you record and visualize the day-by-day evolution of the digital shelf. 



The impact of ratings & reviews on customer decision-making is undeniable. To understand when & why the product's rating drops is the key issue, but is it possible to investigate it manually?

  • Real Time Ratings & Reviews Monitoring

DataDot constantly monitors rating & reviews and reports the data.

  • Ratings & Reviews History

DataDot’s history feature helps brands understand trends and take actions.



Marketplaces determine the buy box winner based on price, fulfillment, seller rating and other factors. Fighting for the buy box is a key factor to increase sales, but is it possible to monitor when and why you lose it manually?

  • Real Time Buy Box Monitoring

DataDot monitors the buy box events and identifies competitive 3rd-party vendors.

  • Buy Box History

DataDot stores historical data and it helps brands to understand which of your actions work best to win the buy box.

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From the moment DataDot starts tracking your products, unlimited history is kept. Brands can use to identify availability, buy box, rating & review trends and improve your efficiency.

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Receive automatic email alerts when you lose the buy box.  Stop worrying about the buy box spot! Set up the buy box notifications so the whole team can follow it!

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